Job’s Wife, She Wasn’t So Crazy…

Why is that any time Job’s wife is mentioned she’s always seen as an irrational person?? I mean, let’s look at it from her perspective.

In a short span of time, Job lost all of his possessions AND his children. I’m sure this was devastating and it probably made his already failing health even worse. However, everything that Job owned also belonged to his wife! She too lost everything she had! And she didn’t even have a spouse to console her in the midst of her life shattering turmoil, bc she was losing him too.

Job had been living right and he had a great relationship with God which is why he was able to go through the illness and the losses, but his wife didn’t have the same reputation. So Job, who was strong and confident in the Lord, had to remind her who she was. I don’t think she was foolish she was spiritually and physically weakened.

I think we forget that she had been his primary caretaker throughout everything. And just watching my dad take care of my mom over the past month just from a knee surgery I can see that it can be VERY taxing on a spouse who truly love his/her partner.

So maybe she was speaking in a way that wasn’t consistent with her character, but from what I hear, love can do that to a person.

Job's Wife

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