Stop Wasting Time


Imagine for a second that you just got a new job and you set up your direct deposit. Then after your payments should’ve started you realize it’s not going into your account. So you check the paperwork and find out that you put in the wrong bank account number and someone else has been getting all of the money you worked for.

But it’s no big deal because you enjoy your job and you’re just living in the moment and you don’t really care about getting anything out of it but the experience, right?


Immediately, you’d fix that because you want what’s yours and would never knowingly deposit everything you worked for in someone else’s account.

That’s similar to what happens when you’re in a relationship with someone you know you are not going to marry. You’re pouring into that person. Spending time, money and resources and sharing yourself. There’s nothing “wrong” with loving someone who isn’t your future spouse, but realize that you’re making deposits that you will never get back because you knowingly made the mistake of staying and decided not to fix it.

Just like you’d be if you found out that other person was spending your money from your job, you’re gonna be super salty when you see someone else reap the benefits of a relationship you never should have been in.

If you wouldn’t waste your money, you shouldn’t waste your time. 


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