Hello, it’s me Your Problem. I’m still here.


I recently heard somebody say that it’s important to deal with the issues in your life bc when you don’t they will become recurring themes. The people or details involved might change, but the problem will persist until you choose to confront the issue at its root.

I started school a year early so I was always younger than my classmates. (In case you don’t remember, in elementary school one year is a BIG difference.) I was taller than most of my classmates growing up and I excelled academically. It got really annoying to hear people be surprised by my age because of my appearance and my intellect.

Fast forward to today. I’m in graduate school. My program is in a cohort format so I’ve taken every class with the same group of women since 2012. We know each other pretty well and we have a great time. In class discussions, I hold my own. I share my opinions and I’m very articulate. In serious matters, I make sure that my words come out sounding like they are well thought out. I’ve had a few professors admit to being positively shocked by some of the things I’ve shared.

I started reading a book a week ago that has caused me to do some deep introspection about my past and how it’s playing out in my present. Part of the reason that I perform the way I do in my cohort is because I’m insecure about being the youngest. There’s one woman who is a year older than me. The one closest in age to her is 7 years older. Another is over a decade older. The other half of the women in my cohort graduated from high school before I was born.

Being hyper aware of my youth has been a part of my life since I was 4 years old. It is still driving many of my choices today. I think it’s time I let it go.

Your turn. Look back. See what’s there. Figure out what’s lingering and why. Then, let it go.

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