Stop being a taker all the time. Give your time, money, energy and resources. You benefit, the recipient benefits and the world is positively changed.



When was the last time you went out of your way to lend a hand?

When was the last time you sacrificed for another’s gain?

Are you always the priority?

We are surrounded by people and problems. The number of people with problems continues to grow. This tells me that there are not enough people willing to lend their hands. I know that we all face challenges daily, however we all face very different challenges. If each of us were willing to give out of our abundance, we would see a significant decrease in the challenges the people of this world face.

You may not have money, but you have time to spare, donate it to a single mother. You may not have a formal education but a world of personal experience speak to your local youth. Challenge yourself to be a giver, a team player. Everyone is needed. Let’s…

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