Hello, it’s me Your Problem. Yep, STILL here.


Kid: Claricha, my hands cold. I don’t got my gloves today.
Me: They are? So, what can you do about that?
Kid: I can put them in my pockets. (Puts them in her pockets) They warm now.

I work at a preschool/daycare so I get used to saying the same things daily, but sometimes it’s annoying.

Every time this particular kid says something about her hands being cold I tell her the same thing. “Put them in your pockets.” So today when she said it, I went about it a different way and she figured out the solution to the problem bc I’ve given it to her plenty of times. I realized I wasn’t helping her problem solving skills develop by just giving the solution time after time because she just kept coming to me with the same complaint.

You see where I’m going here? I sometimes feel like I keep dealing with the same type of situations. And in the hardest ones, I do the same thing. I whine to God. I tell Him what’s going on, how I feel about it and ask what I should do. Sometimes He gives the answers right away. Other times, He’s silent. I understand now it’s bc He already gave it. I just need to do what I know works.

What are the themes of your life? Why do they keep coming up? How can you deal with them? What do you keep missing?

Let’s grow and let it go.

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