Why I Like Kids

What’s that right there? (pointing to the mole on my forehead)

They are curious and aren’t ashamed to ask questions.

What’s that on your earrings? (Beads, do you like them?) No

They are honest.

I made a kid really upset once because I asked her to leave an area because of her behavior. She cried. Ten minutes later, she ran over and gave me a huge hug and told me she loved me.

They forgive and forget..

Some kids wash their hands twenty times a day because they get caught with their fingers in their noses.

They really don’t care what others think about their actions.

One day we were outside and one kid was running around then suddenly stopped, pointed to the sky and said “Deprisha, you know Jesus live up there? And He love all of us?”

They believe.

When they fall sometimes I get shaken up more than they do. They get right back up and keep playing.

They are resilient.

All the work I’ve done with children has really helped me understand why the bible tells us to have childlike faith. It’s not just about belief but also character.

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