Please don’t cheer for my son

I am really gaining an attitude of advocacy for people with perceived disabilities.

that cynking feeling

Please don’t cheer for my son.

I am reminding myself as much as I am asking this of you. I’m just as guilty as you are.  I have to stop myself from breaking into a happy dance. While I’m touched that you share my enthusiasm for his progress, I must kindly request that you stop demonstrating it.

Please don’t cheer for my son.

I think we can both be forgiven. It’s hard to resist the impulse to say, “Oh, how adorable!” when we see a child doing something grown-up like. Yet, our words and actions aren’t helping my son to learn and grow.

So please don’t cheer for my son.

Think about. If the clerk at the register says “hello” as you check out, would you heartily respond “Good job!”? When your friend says, “Goodbye!” as she leaves, do you clap for her? If I say, “Thank you” when you’ve…

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