You’re Not Ready


If you have a bottle of water in one hand and juice in the other, it’s kinda silly for me to ask if you’re thirsty and offer you more water.

If you have an empty bag in one hand and an empty bucket in the other, it wouldn’t make sense for me to offer you something to carry stuff in.

If you’re dating one person and sleeping with another it doesn’t make sense for you to believe that at some point God (or the universe or life or fate whatever you call Him) is going to send your spouse.

I know we all have feelings and voids that need to be filled, but allow God to be your filler. Why would He bring someone into your life if you already have both hands full? Cut the safety nets so that you can free yourself up to get what you really want.

If you’re not ready to sever the ties with your fill in(s), you’re not ready to be serious.

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