Just Jump

In August, 2013, I was taking a much needed vacation. Everyone had left the hotel and I stayed back just for some alone time. That day, I watched a little girl jump from the side of the pool into her mother’s arms. After a couple tries, her little sister did it too.

I thought that was pretty cool because they both tried something new and they were successful.

In that moment, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Don’t you wonder who’s waiting for you to jump in and swim? I’m waiting to catch you.”

And I imagine that that is not just for me. If you know The Lord has asked you to do something, even if it seems crazy, dive in. He won’t let you drown and you’ll look back and see others who are willing to jump because of you.

People are waiting for someone to be brave enough to do something extreme. Someone has to be first. Why not you? Be willing to step out on faith. I know it’s scary. I know the unknown can be daunting, but you have to try. When you let fear drive your decisions instead of faith you are preventing others’ breakthrough as well.

Take a lesson from the little girl in the pool. Just jump. You don’t have to trust your ability to jump. You just have to trust that your Daddy is going to catch you. Your little sister is watching and getting strength from seeing you.

So just jump. OhCAE?!


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