I don’t know your name, but I know you play the drums.

I got to the airport and got picked to go through precheck!

I def needed that favor because I arrived to the airport way later than k should have. So I was rushing to my gate, quickly walking down the moving walk and I realized I left my neck pillow at security! MAJOR bummer. I have slept with a neck pillow since I was 12. Neck pillows are a big deal to me. BUT I was in a hurry and had gone too far to turn back so I bought a new one got $15 at one of the stores. No biggie.

I finally got to my gate and I saw some people who were vaguely familiar. I recognized all their faces from church, but didn’t know any names. (Chill. I’ve only been at this church a few months). When I made eye contact, I smiled warmly and said good morning. They all smiled back and one woman said, “I don’t know your name, but I know you play the drums.”

That was majorly significant for me. For one, that #OhCAE quote at the top of this blog was my facebook status on February 15, 2013 according to TimeHop. The next morning, I had a moment that was a perfect example of that.

So before I even left Michigan, the Lord began to speak.

People you haven’t met are watching you and forming opinions about you. What are you telling them?

There’s a part two to this coming one day, but it’s unrelated.

Until then, be mindful of what you communicate to people even if you’ve never spoken to them. #OhCAE?!

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