Blood Memory


Let’s consider this a Part Two to God’s Gene Redeems. Did you read it? OhCAE. Let’s move on.

About eight months ago, I was introduced to the term “Blood Memory”. Basically, it means the trauma we face gets passed down to our children in their blood. There’s science to back it up. When people are distressed for long periods, their genetic code is altered. Church people call these generational curses.

So what does that have to do with the jolly pic up top? Lemme tell you.

I. Am. Petrified of stairs!!!!! Really, I’m scared of falling all the time. The thought of falling freaks me out and for the longest time I had no idea what caused the fear.

That is until my mom told me about a panic attack she had one day in an airport when she got to a stairwell and looked down. Out of nowhere, fear gripped her. I finally realized that that unexplainable fear had been passed down to me.

I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes it’s difficult. One of those times happened when I was told that to see King Ahab’s water reservoir, Megiddo, I had to walk down 183 steps and up 80. Immediately, my heart started pounding. I didn’t hear 183 stairs. I heard “183 potential moments to fall.”


Aren’t those stairs scary?!?!
But I went. I walked down everyone. You know how I did it? I thought about how that irrational fear was passed down to me, but by facing the fear, I was changing my genetic code.

Fear is not my inheritance. Since I’m aware of it, I will not pass it on.

God’s Gene Breaks.

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