You Have to Try!

Apparently, I’m pretty flexible compared to other people. I learned this because i tried bikram yoga and the instructor commented on it a couple times. Then when I started crossfit, the first night the coach asked me if I had an athletic background because of my flexibility. He complimented me on it every session for the first two weeks. 
I never would have been awakened to that talent if i wasn’t willing to try something.
There is so much in you waiting to be released, but it’s lying dormant because you’re afraid to be adventurous. 
Jesus tells us to come to Him as a child. As a person who has worked with children of all ages I have an interesting understanding of what that means.  One meaning is put this way by Bill Johnson “Embrace the adventure.” Because children haven’t had enough experiences to get bored with life they look at each day as day to discover something new about the world. They approach each day with new questions. They are fully aware that they don’t know everything and that doesn’t bring them a sense of shame. As a result, they’re always in a position to learn something new. 

Your journey with Christ is to be an ever evolving lifelong adventure. Ask questions. Try new different things. Step out into new territory and conquer it. The world is waiting for you discover who you really are. 


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