The Same People Who

The people who say carrying a gun is a fundamental right are the same people who think having healthcare is a luxury.  

The people who say adoption is a viable solution to abortion are worried about preserving their family line and are grossly unaware of the fact that millions of babies are aborted yearly compared to the hundreds of thousands who get adopted. 

The people who say they dedicate their lives to saving the ozone are the ones who say it’s ok to kill unborn babies. 

The people who say they are representatives of Christ are often the first to blame poor people for their situations and systematically victimize the “least of these.”

The people who say that science backs up everything about their world view ignore science when it comes to someone’s gender identity. 

 The people who say Mike Brown got what he deserved tend to be the same ones who can’t comprehend why Cosby’s alleged victims took so long to come out.  

The people who say they can forget their pasts because they have been forgiven are the same ones who never lovingly tell others forgiveness is available for them. Instead, they hold up signs to let people know that their god hates fags. 

The people who say everybody should feel free to express themselves as they see fit are the ones who get the most offended when I end a corporate prayer by saying “in Jesus’s name.”

The people who say all babies should be born tend to be the ones who ignore the fact that most aborted babies are aborted by women who will end up on welfare so that they can then complain that those women shouldn’t have children they can’t afford. 

“All lives matter!” Shout my conservative Christian friends until they are asked to show GENUINE love to their LGBT or Muslim neighbors. 

The same people who yell forgive the murderer every time a racist kills a Black person or 9, are the ones up in arms and completely pissed today because same sex couples can legally marry.

Liberals be like “Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t get one.”Why can’t the same logical be applied to prayer in schools? Don’t wanna pray? Don’t. If you don’t believe in it, how does it hurt you? 


I can never be wholeheartedly liberal or conservative. 

Left wing. Right wing. Same bird.


This will be a living blog. I could go on forever about the hypocrisy I see in both liberals and conservatives. 

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