And She Was Beautiful

I hadn’t seen you in quite some time

I didn’t realize how much I missed you until you walked by

Something about you looked different, but I couldn’t place my finger

But I was trying not to be rude so I didn’t let my eyes linger

That’s when she walked over

A teeny tiny version of you

I would’ve known that face anywhere

She looked like she was about two

Those eyes

That nose

Her hair

Oh, her jet black curly hair!

I wanted to stop you

I wanted to talk 

But I couldn’t get my feet to move

They had forgotten how to walk

No words would come out

I gave talking my best try

All I could seem to get out was a soul cleansing cry 

Because I saw you today and

You’re a mommy now. 

I figured you would be, but of course I was cynical. 

But for myself, I saw your baby girl

And she was beautiful. 


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