I’m Weady!!!

“Come on, kiddo! Time to pick up your sister from school!” I said as I walked towards the car. 

She gathered her things and followed behind me. I opened the door and she hopped into her booster seat. I shut the door behind me and took my spot behind the wheel. I buckled my seat belt like any safe driver would do then I checked the mirrors. I could see her struggling in the back seat. 

“You need some help?” I asked. She shook her head no and returned to diligently working to buckle herself in. Soon thereafter, I heard the click of the buckle fastening in. 

“I’m weady!” She called out. 

I chuckled at her four year old accent. “You’re weady?” 

With a serious look on her face she responded, “No, I’m weeeaaadddyyy.”

“Oh, you’re ready?” 

“Yes, that’s what I said. I’m weady.”
I thought it was pretty funny that she could hear the error when I said it, but to her it sounded perfectly fine coming out of her mouth. She even got annoyed with me for saying it wrong although I was only mimicking her. 

It’s pretty easy to point others’ wrongs while being blind and deaf towards our own. 


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