I Have Not Loved Myself Since I Was 13

Tanisha Lashelle

Since I was 13 years old, I have silently dealt with low self-esteem. What I thought about myself and how I looked to myself. For a long time, I dealt with weight issues, my value and my beauty. I believed the lies I told my self for years. People would tell me that I was beautiful all the time but I could not see it. There was nothing you could do or say to convince any differently because I didn’t believe it for my self.

Then one day, a chord finally struck in me when someone said to me “Some days you look pretty, some days you just look regular. You don’t have an “it” factor. There is nothing special about you.”

That was undoubtedly, the most hurtful conversation that I have ever experienced. Talk about a major blow to the innermost part of me. In that very moment, my…

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