Make Everyday January 1

You only get one body, take care it. Being an educator in a traditional school setting has forced me to learn how to take care of myself physically. It’s a struggle, but I’m getting it now. Read this story from another educator who’s making it work!

Mama Knows

Throughout her Facebook account you’ll see that Tiffany is a hard-working woman who loves her family, her career, and herself.  A little over a year ago, her followers watched as she began to transform through her fitness journey.  Holding herself accountable through her posts online, Tiffany pushed through her early morning workouts, her commitment to the education of her students, and the happiness of her family.  Her new and improved self-care routine gives her more energy.  This new found energy helps make her a better teacher, avoid a negative attitude, and sleep better.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.32.10 PM Early morning workout.

Tiffany works out five times a week, and encourages people to shoot for a minimum of three times a week.  Any teacher knows the struggle when it comes to getting to the restroom throughout the day, but Tiffany manages to drink a gallon of water to stay hydrated. She meditates daily, and encourages teachers to…

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