Everything Is Fixable

First day of work begins so it’s time to start measuring and cutting wood.

I’m all over the measurements. Hand me the tape and a pencil and I gotchu.

After a few tutorials, my sis Krystle takes over the sawing. It was really exciting! She took a break for a second and someone bumped into the board that the power saw was sitting on. BOOM! It falls on the floor.

So Dan, one of the leaders of the group, comes over and takes a look at it and goes to work. And he works on it for quite some time. Sam, the other leader, bounces in happily and sees everyone seated and asks “You guys done?!”

We didn’t really have the heart to tell her we’d barely started before the saw broke. But Krystle spoke up and hilariously admitted, “I broke it.” Then she asked Dan if it could be fixed. To which he responded, “Everything is fixable.”

Throughout the week of building a house, designing a craft for the kids and making mistakes that come along with being in a different country we repeated that phrase whenever appropriate.

And it just sits with me.

Everything is fixable. It might take a while. You might feel like you’ve been waiting for a long time. It could be discouraging when someone who doesn’t know the full story bounces in and hits your sore spot, but over time with innovative efforts, everything is fixable. “Todo se arregla”


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