CAE to CAF 4: Entrepreneurship

This series is called CAE to CAF to highlight my most obvious identity change, my name, but this season of my life has changed many of my identities.

Since I was 15, I have seen myself and identified as an educator. 15 years later, however, I now hold two advanced degrees in social science. I’m legitimately a counselor. I emphasize legitimately because many educators counsel their kids and I wouldn’t be who I am without their willingness to expand their roles as teachers.

Anywho… I’m a teacher. I’m a counselor. On weekends, I’m a waitress. I spend majority of my time finding out what people need and serving them. Servant leadership has been part of my identity since long before I knew the term. Its role increased tremendously when I took on my latest (and most prevalent) title: entrepreneur.

I co-own two businesses. Elevated Education Center, my childcare center and God Be Goddin’, my Christian apparel line.

I have years of classroom experience as an early childhood educator, but I never expected to be the boss. Yet, here I am. It has taken a new level of energy and commitment because now I serve my children, their parents, and my staff. I’m bombarded by questions, requests, and needs all day every day. All. Day. EVERY. Day.

This has been EXTREMELY difficult for me since the beginning. There is absolutely no way I could have made it through this first year without Tyrone. I needed to be able to come home to him. I needed him to be one person I can always count on to serve ME.

It is a blessing when he comes by the center when he leaves work and grabs the vacuum while I interact with my last couple kids. When he grabs the trash at the end of the school day, it translates as love to me. When he listens to my stories about the babies, I feel heard. And the fact that he doesn’t pressure me into domestic roles has encouraged me to want to fill them even more. Working for people is hard and draining. I’m grateful to have someone who fills me.

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