Because I Got Tired of Waiting for My New Body


“Ooooo!!! She must have a new man! What’s his name, girl?”

Not his, her name is Claricha. And I officially reject the notion that I have to wait until my body gets down to a certain weight or size before I can love it. 

I denounce the idea that because I’m fat I’m definitely unhealthy. Believe or not, at this weight, I’m in my best shape. I workout 3-5 times per week and my diet is filled with nutrients and foods that fuel my body. 

I saw those shorts in Walmart for less than $6 and thought “what the hey?” And ya know what? I bought them! And.👏🏾 I. 👏🏾Wore. 👏🏾Them. 👏🏾

And I don’t care what you think about how they look. 

My body hasn’t slimmed as fast as I’d hoped, but at this stage in my life I don’t care. 

Good blood pressure ✅

Good cholesterol ✅

Active life ✅ 

Positive mind ✅

Anything else doesn’t matter. 

Black Owned Detroit Eatery Makes Everything From Sweet Potatoes!


The Hungry Black Man

sweet-potato-store Outside Sweet Potato Sensations

The Hungry Black Man team has been all over the beautiful City of Detroit and returned yet again, to highlight another amazing eatery.  This Miami Boy just can’t get enough! Our team journeyed to Sweet Potato Sensations at 17337 Lahser Rd, Detroit, MI 48219. Located in a quaint standalone storefront with amazing art work, painting, awnings, and clear windows, this is definitely the most unique eatery in all the land! In addition to its eclectic appearance, EVERYTHING in this delicious establishment is made from sweet potatoes in some fashion.

To honor the legacy of George Washington Carver, Mrs. Cassandra Thomas , owner and matriarch of this family owned business said, “I baked sweet potato cookies to sell at the neighborhood mall and completely sold out.  People would begin calling me for the cookies, and it grew into different items that were in demand, so we opened…

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Black Girl Magic


She rocks her hair

Short and curly

Or long and straight 

Really… she can do it all. 

With her ample lips 

That complement her wide hips

She overcomes every obstacle 

To create, shape and fill her destiny. 

She is aware of her call. 

To birth all of humanity

To her family she brings sanity

She’s the glue of her community

She is why we understand real unity 

She’ll be the reason we are liberated from poverty

She’s so down to earth, but so out of this world at the same time. 

Just like her hair defies gravity,

She defies the odds and it’s truly mind blowing. 

Intersectionality shows her doubly oppressed identity

It’s hard to understand how she could be 

Amongst the most educated social group

With all of her degrees 

And still takes care of family

Most don’t get it

Because they can’t do it. 

You see, she gets her strength from the most high God. 

His strength allows her to do this with ease so it doesn’t look hard.

She’s smart, talented, resilient, and beautiful. 

With all those facets, I get why they call her magical. 

Own It.


When you decide you want to, you will. No more excuses. Own it.


Great stuff, Tristan!imageBy the end of May, I was out of clothes.  As in, my closet was full of clothes that I wanted to wear, but my body said “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” For months and months I denied that my clothes f…

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Gentrification: A Beautiful Monster


I saw that on Facebook. Gentrification: A Beautiful Monster

My favorite reference site, Wikipedia, says that “Gentrification is a trend in urban neighborhoods, which results in increased property values and the displacing of lower-income families and small businesses.”
Simply stated: gentrification is when they, the powers that be, have ruined cities that used to be mostly populated by people of color and the liberal children of the those who left during White Flight come back to rename areas of cities that POC have been living in for decades. Then all of a sudden businesses that would have nothing to do with urban areas start popping up everywhere. Then houses and apartments start costing too much so the POC who’ve been there all along can’t afford to live there anymore so they get evicted. After a bunch of evictions, the houses, apartments and other units get renovated, the neighborhood or burrow gets a cool new name. More people move in, urban gardens get planted, the streets get cleaned and the economy sees a surge.

Ok… so that wasn’t a simple explanation, but it encapsulates the oxymoronic nature of the beautiful monster, gentrification.

Here in Detroit, it’s hard to love it while watching what it is doing to my family and family friends. Taxes are astronomical so it’s hard to keep up with them as well as the super high water rates. When people fall behind everybody blames them for not paying bills. It totally makes sense, no bill pay, no water. No taxes paid, no home. But it’s not that cut and dry. However, that’s beside the point.While I watch people fight to keep their homes, I drive ten minutes away from my home on the Northwest side of the city and end up in Cass Corridor. You probably know of it as “Midtown.” And I look around and realize it’s a completely different city. I ride downtown and inevitably think to myself “Why did they come from?” The bike lanes. The neighborhood names. The coffee shops. The new parking meters. The White people. 

The diversity that comes from gentrification is beautiful. The way natives are being mistreated, displaced and forgotten is monstrous. 

Make Everyday January 1


You only get one body, take care it. Being an educator in a traditional school setting has forced me to learn how to take care of myself physically. It’s a struggle, but I’m getting it now. Read this story from another educator who’s making it work!


Throughout her Facebook account you’ll see that Tiffany is a hard-working woman who loves her family, her career, and herself.  A little over a year ago, her followers watched as she began to transform through her fitness journey.  Holding herself accountable through her posts online, Tiffany pushed through her early morning workouts, her commitment to the education of her students, and the happiness of her family.  Her new and improved self-care routine gives her more energy.  This new found energy helps make her a better teacher, avoid a negative attitude, and sleep better.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.32.10 PM Early morning workout.

Tiffany works out five times a week, and encourages people to shoot for a minimum of three times a week.  Any teacher knows the struggle when it comes to getting to the restroom throughout the day, but Tiffany manages to drink a gallon of water to stay hydrated. She meditates daily, and encourages teachers to…

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I Have Not Loved Myself Since I Was 13


Tanisha Lashelle

Since I was 13 years old, I have silently dealt with low self-esteem. What I thought about myself and how I looked to myself. For a long time, I dealt with weight issues, my value and my beauty. I believed the lies I told my self for years. People would tell me that I was beautiful all the time but I could not see it. There was nothing you could do or say to convince any differently because I didn’t believe it for my self.

Then one day, a chord finally struck in me when someone said to me “Some days you look pretty, some days you just look regular. You don’t have an “it” factor. There is nothing special about you.”

That was undoubtedly, the most hurtful conversation that I have ever experienced. Talk about a major blow to the innermost part of me. In that very moment, my…

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