Our Mother Who Art In HeavenĀ 

So the verdict is in, Octavia Spencer is my favorite actor. And yes, I used “actor” on purpose even though she’s a woman. (I’m a proud gramma nazi with an English degree. I know how to use words good. šŸ™ƒ) Any who, I used a gendered term because it serves my purpose when examining herContinue reading “Our Mother Who Art In HeavenĀ “

Deprisha, why yo hair like mine?

Deprisha, why yo hair like mine? I thought that was the funniest thing that one of the little cuties at my job asked me the other day. She has locs. I was wearing a braid out that day. She had the biggest grin on her face when she asked. Later on that day she randomlyContinue reading “Deprisha, why yo hair like mine?”