Black Girl Magic


She rocks her hair

Short and curly

Or long and straight 

Really… she can do it all. 

With her ample lips 

That complement her wide hips

She overcomes every obstacle 

To create, shape and fill her destiny. 

She is aware of her call. 

To birth all of humanity

To her family she brings sanity

She’s the glue of her community

She is why we understand real unity 

She’ll be the reason we are liberated from poverty

She’s so down to earth, but so out of this world at the same time. 

Just like her hair defies gravity,

She defies the odds and it’s truly mind blowing. 

Intersectionality shows her doubly oppressed identity

It’s hard to understand how she could be 

Amongst the most educated social group

With all of her degrees 

And still takes care of family

Most don’t get it

Because they can’t do it. 

You see, she gets her strength from the most high God. 

His strength allows her to do this with ease so it doesn’t look hard.

She’s smart, talented, resilient, and beautiful. 

With all those facets, I get why they call her magical. 

He Is Listening


In high school I was very depressed but I kept it a secret. So I secretly cried many nights and that was my only relief.When I got to college, I got saved and everything changed for me. One day I was sitting at my desk in my dorm and out of nowhere I could feel the same overwhelming sadness come over me and I almost cried but I stopped and reminded myself that I am new. 

I wasn’t sure what the appropriate response was, but I opened up a New Testament Bible (with Psalms & Proverbs) that was on the desk and randomly flipped it open and I read the first scripture I landed on. It said “Why am I discouraged? Why am I restless? I trust you! And I will praise you again because you help me, and you are my God.” (Psalms 42:11 CEV)

That was the first time in my life that I REALLY believed that God heard and listened to my silent cries because He said to me exactly what I needed to hear in that very dark moment. All I had to do was turn to Him (His Word). 

I’m grateful that God reminds me of that moment from time to time because when life gets difficult some days I can’t help but wonder where God is when I can’t perceive Him. But I’d like to encourage every reader by letting you know that God knows and sees all and He is concerned about you.


Don’t Scratch The Itch


I have eczema and I have since I was a kid. It’s not nearly as bad as it was when I was younger, but every now and then I get flare ups.

This morning my upper back was really really itchy. I reached back and felt the patch of bumps. So instead of scratching I left it alone. I already know what would happen otherwise. The relief of scratching those bumps is almost euphoric. BUT it’s the same cycle every time…  Scratch the bumps, get a rash. Get a rash, scratch the rash, it becomes an itchy scar. Scratch the itchy scar, the skin turns dark and really weird but STILL very itchy.

That’s how sin is. Every time you scratch that itch, it feels amazing, but it’s never ever satisfied and the need to satisfy it just gets worse and worse.

I gave my life to Christ in college which is the opposite of what most people tend to do during that period. I’ve had countless conversations with people who said they were gonna start coming to church with me, but they just had to get all that stuff outta their systems. I’m not the type to badger people. (I’m just a seed planter, if you will.) But when I hear that it really just shows how ignorant people are to how sin works.

You can’t just get sin out of your system. The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it. It’s just like the rash. The more I scratch, the worse the condition gets and the itch intensifies. It ALWAYS feels good immediately after, but it NEVER lasts.

Do yourself a favor, stop scratching the itch.




My Black Facebook friends are raging
My White Facebook friends are silent

I’m constantly torn between feeling like a sell out 

Or possibly appearing violent. 

Being a young college-educated Christian Black girl 

Has to be one of the most complex identities in the world