It Was Never Just About You


I had a conversation recently and while we were talking, I immediately felt more peace. Because in that moment, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me “It was never just about you.”

That was an insanely profound moment for me. One of my repeated prayers has been to just understand the purpose for some of the things I have dealt with. I’ve let the scripture replay in my mind that “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” But I lived in a constant place of wondering “Where is the good?”

Then suddenly, after a decade of asking, I received and experienced the purpose. In that moment, a life of pain and 10 years of prayers made sense for me. It all made sense when I understood that the situations were never about me.

I can’t get my time back and I actually don’t want it. I have my peace and I have made a difference.

Everyone Is Special!


The most impactful thing anyone has said to me as of late was while I was really pouring my heart out about how I feel about myself and my life.

She said “Not to discredit your experience, but it’s not special. That happens to everybody.”

I’m not gonna hold you up at first I was extremely offended, but the more I think about it the more I understand it.
A few years ago I blogged about how I learned that the enemy’s strongest weapon (in my experience and observation) is making ppl feel isolated in their struggle. When #MaskOff (A Social Media Ministry on Instagram) first started so many ppl responded with sentiments like “wow, thank you for sharing. I thought it was just me.”

Suffering is even harder when you think you’re alone in it. Tell your story to ppl. Eventually you’ll see you’re not as special or alone as you thought.