CAE to CAF 7: Still Grieving

Fun fact about me: I started this blog because I was heartbroken. I needed a safe space to express myself and no one who knew me personally felt safe at the time. So if you go through blogs from 2014, you’ll have a bit more context about the series of posts that are relationship advice,Continue reading “CAE to CAF 7: Still Grieving”

Home Is Where the Heart [of God] Is

Last year my life changed a lot. The city I live in, the job I do, the people I live with, the church I attend, the work I do at church… All different now. All the changes happened pretty close to the same time. That season of so much transition left me feeling lost andContinue reading “Home Is Where the Heart [of God] Is”

I don’t know your name, but I know you play the drums.

I got to the airport and got picked to go through precheck! #Favor! I def needed that favor because I arrived to the airport way later than k should have. So I was rushing to my gate, quickly walking down the moving walk and I realized I left my neck pillow at security! MAJOR bummer.Continue reading “I don’t know your name, but I know you play the drums.”