That little Black boy who was the recipient of unwarranted hate by racist social media thugs, his name is Cayden.

Ife's Island

By now many may be aware of a beautiful little boy named Cayden. In case you aren’t aware, Cayden was subjected to horribly racist comments made about him from one of his mother, Sydney’s co-workers. Gerod Roth using the alias Geris Hilton took a picture of Cayden while he was at work with his mother one day and posted it to his Facebook page where he and his friends then proceeded to make racist comments about Cayden. Comments such as calling him “Toby”, “Kunta Kente”, “sambo” and “feral” with one of Geris/Gerod friends “stating that she didnt know that he was a slave owner” or that he got Cayden from the Black market. Geris/Gerod initially made the post on September 16, 2015 unbeknownst to his mother. He then went to work everyday speaking to and smiling in Sydney’s face while making these horrible comments behind her back. In one screenshot…

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