Your Fault


I was talking to my cousin the other day and she said “I know that offenses are not given, they’re taken…”

That reminded me of something I thought about recently.
I could be called stupid, mean, selfish and many other things that would never bother me. Because I know I’m smart, nice and very selfless.

But if someone mentions something about my height, weight or skin flaws it might sting a little bit.

It doesn’t matter how much truth there is to any of the comments. The ones that will sting will only bother me because it’s already a place of insecurity so someone’s words would only reinforce what I already believe about myself.

When you find yourself offended check yourself before you check them because more than likely you’ve been saying the same things to you.

3 thoughts on “Your Fault

  1. Over the years, people have said to me that I was too skinny, too tall, it looks like I have a sunburn (too much sun when I was younger.) The first one I wonder if they mean well by hinting to some kind of eating disorder. I’m quite healthy and within my weight range for my height, thank you very much!

    Our society critiques appearances, especially of women. I try to be sensitive to this, however, I find myself saying to other women things like “Where did you get your hair cut?” or “That color looks so good on you.” How often do you hear men saying these types of things to other men?

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