I Died Today

I got saved eight years ago as of September, 2014. Eight is the number of new beginnings. In September of 2014, according to the Jewish calendar, we entered the year of jubilee. We also entered a Shemitah, sabbath, year. The shemitah is a year of rest. A time to release and be release. If you know anything about Jewish customs, you’ll know that the sabbath day is a huge deal to practicing Jews. They do no work at all. They even have a special elevator that doesn’t require them to push buttons because they are resting.

To steal Dr. Bernie’s phrasing “To understand the shemitah, you take the sabbath day and biggie size it.”

So how is this all related?
In this Jewish new year, I entered a new season. I celebrated my eighth birthday and I have been released to the nations. (That sounds so funny to me because it’s cliche, but I’m for real.)
During this time of rest and release, I’m in Israel on a tour and a strategic prayer mission. As a personal bonus, I’m here celebrating my 26th birthday. So to commemorate all of this today in the Jordan, I died today.






And I’ve never felt so alive.

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