S.A.D. :-(



When I was a freshman at Michigan State, I had a professor from New York who said he couldn’t get used to the gloominess of Michigan. Since I heard him say that, I haven’t been able to argue it. Prior to him saying it though, I never noticed how often we didn’t see the sun.

No wonder Michigan has been ranked amongst the most depressing states to live in! It’s a proven fact that the sun makes people feel better. It provides us with Vitamin D (energy). It cures depression, lowers blood pressure and strengthens our immune systems. There’s no denying that being able to see the sun positively affects the quality of our lives. Yet we go through seasons when we can’t really feel or see the effects of the sun.

The sun never stops shining, even in the coldest winters (like the one we’re dealing with now.) The sun hasn’t relinquished its spot in the universe even though this winter has been brutal. In the Spring and Summer we will feel it again.

In the darkest, gloomiest, coldest winter the Son is there. Some seasons of your life make it easier to see and feel Him. Choose to allow your belief to be stronger than your feelings.

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